CarieRx For Manufacturers

How It Works

  • Collect and direct all prescriptions to CarieRx

  • CarieRx conducts a comprehensive benefit and prescription coverage verification.

  • If the prescription is covered, (if eligible) CarieRx will apply and send manufacturers coupons to the pharmacy closest to the patient.

  • When a prescription requires PA, CarieRx will conduct the prior authorization process. The prescription is sent to the pharmacy closest to the patient for same day delivery, once the PA is approved.

  • If a prescription is not covered, and the manufacturer has a cash consignment option, the prescription is sent to a cash consignment pharmacy. CarieRx also offers their network of cash consignment pharmacies.

  • If the manufacturer does not offer a cash consignment pharmacy and has a coupon to cover a non-covered claim, CarieRx uses the coupon and sends to a pharmacy closest to the patient for same-day delivery

  • The patient receives a text or call notification regarding their prescription delivery status and payment options.

  • CarieRx communicates with patients effectively offering individual consultations with a pharmacist, increasing treatment adherence.



Market access in all 5O states


Care collaboration


Improved patient treatment adherence


Free same-day delivery


Centralized hub processing, increasing gross net margin


Direct purchase options


Real-time data monitoring andreporting on every prescription


One-to-one pharmacist consultations via video chat, call, or text message


Patient education


Cost effective, fixed monthly fee schedule which includes all Rx Hub services

*CarieRx cannot guarantee the originally quoted medication cost if the prescription is transferred outside the CarieRx pharmacy network

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