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How It Works

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  • Visit your physician’s office, and send your prescription to CarieRx using our E-Scribe ID or fax number.

  • CarieRx sends a text or call notification that your prescription was received.

  • CarieRx uses your insurance information to quickly verify your benefits and prescription coverage.

  • If your prescription is not covered, your physician will be notified, resulting in a request for an alternative medication that your insurance will cover, ensuring you receive the lowest copay possible.

  • If the prescription is covered, we will apply any manufacturer coupons available toward your purchase. If you do not have insurance, we will find you the lowest price in town.

  • CarieRx will notify you of your final copay, or total medication cost via text or phone.

  • CarieRx offers the option of either prescription pickup at your preferred pharmacy, or delivered free of charge, directly to your door.

  • If you have any questions regarding your prescription, contact a CarieRx pharmacist at any time via video chat, call, or text.



CarieRx is a full-servicesolution for all your prescription needs


CarieRx findsthe lowest prescription cost


Free same-day delivery to your home


Receive treatment with no more delays


Easy communication about your medications from the comfort of your home

*CarieRx cannot guarantee the originally quoted medication cost if the prescription is transferred outside the CarieRx pharmacy network

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