CarieRx for Pharmacies

How It Works

  • Patients send their prescriptions to CarieRx.

  • CarieRx conducts a comprehensive benefit and prescription coverage verification.

  • If PA is required, CarieRx will conduct the prior authorization process.

  • If a prescription is not covered, CarieRx provides alternatives that the PBM will cover.

  • For self-pay patients, CarieRx finds the lowest price available.

  • CarieRx applies all manufacturer coupons, depending on the patient's eligibility.

  • CarieRx contacts the patient and informs them of their final co-pay and cost.

  • CarieRx confirms and sends the prescription to pharmacy for fulfillment.

  • CarieRx offers free same day delivery through the CarieRx pharmacy networks, or patients have the option for pick up at their preferred pharmacy.

  • CarieRx enables the pharmacy to receive all copay payments for every prescription sent.



Increase Rx volume


Grow pharmacy foot traffic


Improved treatment adherence


Lower your DIR fees


Real-time notifications and status updates on prescriptions


Accessible communication about medications through the CarieRx portal


Increase your Generic Compliance Ratio

*CarieRx cannot guarantee the originally quoted medication cost if the prescription is transferred outside the CarieRx pharmacy network

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