CarieRx for Providers

How It Works

  • Send your practice prescriptions to one place, CarieRx

  • CarieRx conducts all benefit verifications and coverage determinations for patients following receipt of each prescription.

  • If a PA is required, CarieRx will conduct the Prior Authorization process.

  • If a prescription is not covered, CarieRx will suggest alternatives that the PBM will cover.

  • For self-pay patients, CarieRx will find the lowest price in town.

  • CarieRx can apply manufacturer coupons, depending on the patient's eligibility.

  • CarieRx will contact the patient and inform them of their copay.

  • CarieRx will ask patients if they would like their prescriptions sent to their preferred pharmacy for pickup, or to a CarieRx preferred pharmacy which offers free same-day delivery service.



Avoidtreatment delays


Reduce Payroll by outsourcing PA


Increase adherence


Free same-day delivery to the patient's home


Reduce the number of phone calls to and from different pharmacies


Simultaneous notifications to patient and doctor on the status of their prescription


Full reporting from one platform, until the prescription is delivered to the patient

*carieRx cannot guarantee the originally quoted medication cost if the prescription is transferred outside the carieRx pharmacy network

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